What happened at Fort Hood was a great tragedy. Not a single soldier that was injured or killed deserved what happened to them on that day. The man that fired those shots and killed those people should be punished to the full letter that the law allows. And if I had been there and had been armed, he probably wouldn’t still be alive.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a Muslim American that had become a soldier. And somewhere down the road something happened, something horribly wrong that he thought justified shooting other innocent soldiers. Somewhere down the personal road that this man traveled things went askew in such a way that he will never be able to wash the substantial amount of blood off of his hands.

The problem is that the other day I am reading one of my local newspapers and I find an article written by a nice looking couple named Floyd and Mary Beth Brown. (Who can be reached through cari@cagle.com) But don’t let their looks fool you, for they have the potential to be even more dangerous than anything that Major Hasan could ever manage.

They both seemed to want the American people to believe that Major Hasan murdered those other soldiers as part of the Islamic religion’s plan to destroy America. They would have you believe that Islam by its inclusion of such things as jihads are worthy of only suspicion and disrespect. They make an effort to point out that the followers of Islam are a downtrodden minority. There are two definitions of the word downtrodden that is available in my handy dictionary:

1. Tyrannized over; oppressed.

2. Trampled upon.

From the hatemongering of their article I doubt that they were using the first definition. From the context of their article I would say that they were saying that Muslims across the world and in America were only worthy of being stepped on, the lowest of the low, a repugnant minority that deserves nothing but disdain.

If you think for a moment that every single Muslim in America and the world wants innocent Americans to killed, tortured or otherwise harmed then you are a fool, just like the Browns are fools. And if you want to listen to their obvious hatemongering then I suggest you help them have their night of broken glass that they crave so badly.

There are radicals that are Muslims that have committed acts of terrorism and violence, but by no means should the entire Islamic religion be judged by what is the minority. That is a broad stroke of stupidity and ignorance that you would have thought that Americans were well past. It would be like calling for strict restrictions on all Christians just because some radical Pro-Lifer had committed multiple terrorist acts.

You would think that America with all her freedoms would be beyond this sort of thing. And at the very least we should be able to learn from the mistakes of the previous generations. During World War 2 Japanese citizens were placed in the Americanized version of what the Nazis had dubbed concentration camps. They were American citizens that were abruptly awakened one day to soldiers forcing them onto crowded buses to be shipped off to a place where they would be held against their will.

But German-Americans and Italian-Americans were never collected and shipped off. They were never treated with suspicion and contempt, even though their country of origin was also part of the dreaded Axis. Why the difference?

I am sure that Floyd and Mary Beth would know exactly why only the Japanese-Americans were put in concentration camps in World War 2. I’m betting that if the clock suddenly rolled back to yesteryear and we all three found ourselves to be living during the time of the Second World War that the both of them would be writing articles about the downtrodden minority of Japanese-Americans.

Sadly, most Muslim Americans are in the same boat that Japanese Americans were in during World War 2. They do not look or act like the average American citizen, and It is always easier to hate those that look or act differently then you. It is a common reaction and sadly it has led to the deaths of millions and millions of innocent people throughout the history of the world.

But before the Browns stir up your hate for everyone that follows the teachings found in the Koran I would like to share with you some information. Although Christianity has more followers throughout the world then Islam, Islam is a close second. 33% of the world’s population is Christian, while 25% is Muslim.

You also need to know that in the last ten years that the amount of Christians has steadily declined. And while the Christian population has been steadily declining, those that follow Islamic beliefs have been rapidly increasing.

And let’s face it, the term Christian is about as broad of a term as you can get. In America alone there are thousands of different types of Christianity, all claiming to be the one true church of the Christian faith. Christianity is far more splintered and concerned with infighting over slight differences in religious practices than any other religion on the face of the planet.

The last thing that America needs to cultivate is an us versus them philosophy. Muslims and Muslim American want to be judged by their individual actions, as all men and women want. I may speak or act differently then you, I might even believe differently than you, but that does not warrant your suspicion and hate.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown you disgust me, and I hope that one day you will realize the harm that your words can cause. You live and write your articles and you hope that just possibly you can invoke a reaction in other Americans that will be just as ignorant and hate-filled as your own. I have no idea what sort of lessons that life has taught the both of you, but knowing that there are people out there like you does make me a bit sad.

Here is an example of a different lesson that my own personal experiences has taught me.

A while back when I was living in Memphis my nephew was assaulted by several other young men. At least one of them had a weapon and had every intention of using it on him to do as much bodily harm as they could manage, possibly killing him. Luckily one of his friends that lived nearby saw what was going on and immediately rushed to my nephew’s aid. This friend risked his own life without hesitation, and for his valiant efforts he received naught but an injury to his head that required seven stitches.

Good thing that as a Muslim he didn’t believe in that us versus them philosophy that the Browns are so adamant about teaching.


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