Jonathan Swift is a man that is probably best remembered for penning Gulliver’s Travels.  But sadly most people remember only the immediate surface of that story and not the intense depths and meaning behind these fanciful tales.  He was trying to make a point, in fact several points.  But like Lewis Carroll and his stories about Alice and that place called Wonderland, there is much more than meets the eye.

But Gulliver’s Travels was not the only thing that Jonathan Swift ever wrote.  And sometimes he didn’t feel the need to hide his meanings in such fanciful stories.  A Modest Proposal is a classic example of Swift not making any such attempt to pull any bit of his punch.  It is in this writing that he actually seems to advocate the roasting and eating of small babies that have been raised and properly fed just enough to be perfect for the slaughter.

A Modest Proposal

Pretty horrendous I know, but at the time he was overwhelmed by the injustice of the extreme poverty that the Irish people had been condemned to by the British monarchy.  Jonathan Swift is a man that I wish I could have had a pint of Guinness with.  And his mother was a prostitute? I personally love that part because I am sure that there are a lot of people that totally disregarded the majority of his writing on the basis of the very fact alone.  What a sad and pathetic world that we live in when the mistakes of our parents has anything to do with our own personal value and the value of the things we create.

The truth is that the world is a hell of a lot tougher then we are lead to believe by the media.  The main concern of the media is to keep the consumers consuming.  Not only do they try to instill a desperate need for a mountain of complete crap, but they also constantly try to instill a ridiculous level of vanity about appearance on everyone.  We all want to look younger, slimmer, and more perfect.

And meanwhile there are millions of children out there that have never had three complete meals in a single solitary day.  If you have never been poor, then you have no idea of the incredible desperation that one gets as their stomachs start to shrink, and the gnawing begins.  The poor are so desperate to have any part of the dream that the media presents that there is little doubt why so many of them turn to crime and addiction to various drugs.  And the non-poor condemn them because they are forced to get high and abandon reality through illegal means, while the non-poor can afford highly moralistic approved pharmaceutical products that their family physician eagerly writes them a prescription for.   For some supposed ‘illness’  that they may or may not actually have.

This fictitious morality that we all go through that act of constantly pretending that we adhere to makes hypocrites of us all.  People die and people suffer, and that’s been the way of the world for such a long time that you would have to make a huge skeleton skyscraper out of the victims of poverty that mimics the tower of Babylon itself before those that are better off financially paid them more than a momentary glance.  I would suggest that anyone that believes the system is ‘fair’ take a serious look at our education system.

Nothing perpetuates the rich staying rich and the poor staying poor for generations upon generations then the way that poor kids are shamefully herded through an education that sole purpose is to teach them to obey and to be as average as they possibly can.

While the more wealthy kids get exposed to art,  band, and various important things to a child’s evolution and growth as a human being.  Things that have now been regulated to clubs and organizations that now have to charge membership fees that just so happen to exclude poor students because their family simply can’t afford what Federal, State, and local politicians all agreed wasn’t worth the risk of not getting re-elected.  Because we all know that the poor are certainly not worth a slight increase in taxes.  This is the world of the haves and the have-nots, and the haves have been stacking the deck against the desperate have-nots since the dawn of man.

I would agree with Swift and there should be an end to the pretense.  We are all hideous monsters underneath.  And we have all eaten our fair share of roasted babies, even if we refuse to admit it.  One day, and it will be sooner than anyone wants to admit, world-wide poverty and overpopulation numbers will reach such an extreme level that those that rule in their ivory towers will confess that there is more logic then satire in the words of Jonathan Swift and his Modest Proposal.

But they better do it quick, before the rally cry of the majority of the world’s population, which just happens to be poor becomes “Eat the rich…


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