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I am going to take you on a strange journey.

How strange?

Very strange indeed.

You know as a young man I was always intrigued with conspiracies.  Who really killed Kennedy.  Did Walt Disney really have his head frozen to be revived at a later date?  Why more are more hot dogs put in their packages while less hot dog buns are made available in their packages?

By my last couple of years of High School I had actually got a hold of the Protocles of Zion, I thought it was crap by the way.  I believe that the Jews are responsible for all the evil in the world just as much as I believe Scientology or the Republican party is.  You want to know who is responsible for all the evil in the world?  Take a look in the mirror, or at me, or a picture of your grandmother.  We are all responsible in some way shape or fashion.
But the very thought of conspiracies, a secret cabal of mysterious men that plot and shape, or at least manipulate the destiny of the past, present, or future, that is the stuff of an intriguing story to tell by the campfire.  And as you know I am the type of guy that loves to have a great story up his sleeve while gathered with my friends around some sort of fire source.

But most conspiracies are pretty boring and have pretty easy answers when you think about it.  Who killed Kennedy?  Disregarding the mob, the Cubans, and even the Russians the most obvious answers is that someone that was a pretty big supporter of the previous Eisenhower administration was responsible.  Those old World War two cronies were not too happy with that new Kennedy guy and his “wild” ideas.  Nixon was in Dallas the day Kennedy was killed, strange coincidence?  Nope, just obvious fact.

If Obama gets two bullets to the back of the head, it probably won’t be the KKK, or even a jealous Oprah Winfrey.  It will be Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, and even pretty Sarah Palin in a back room somewhere fuming about that Obama guy who has just gone too far.  That’s the way it works, one group gains power and the group before schemes to try to  get it back and someone dies.  History repeats itself over and over again.  Senators in Rome decide that guy called Julius would be better off stabbed with steely knives.

But what if there was another conspiracy?  One that wasn’t about who gets to hold the reins of power, at least temporarily?  Now that would be a conspiracy worth talking about…

It begins with a man, or god, or son of a god, you can take your pick.  This person was called Hermes Trismegistus.  Records indicate that he may have been the first, or second, or third person to use that name.  Some people say that he was a contemporary of Abraham from the bible.  Some people also claim that he knew Moses as well.

This guy knew a lot about a lot of things.  He had been gifted with the Cadecus by the Gods.  If you wonder what the Cadecus is just look at the weird symbol that most doctors use.  You know the weird rod think with the squiggly lines around it.  Some people have noticed that it does look a bit like what basic DNA is shown to be, but that is besides the point.  In ancient times the Cadecus was the symbol of all medical and healing knowledge.  Pretty handy to have around on your arm don’t you think?

This Hermes guy, he wrote about a lot of things.  Philosophy, alchemy, magic.  Would you believe that he was the guy that “Hermetically sealed” is talking about?  Now this super intelligent guy had a special tablet with some of his most important work on it.   Issac Newton came up with his own translation of what was on the tablet.

Issac Newton, that guy that got hit on a head with an apple and realized that gravity was a very important force in the universe.

A lot of people think that the emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus held the secret of how to change lead into gold.  And I hate to tell Dan Brown but there are also a lot of people that think that the knight Templars couldn’t give a rat’s ass to whether or not Jesus and Mary Madgalane had children or not.  There was a much bigger picture and the Templars supposedly got a look at that bigger picture when they glanced upon the true Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

They also learned how to build the stunning feats of church making called cathedrals.  Do you really think that knowledge of Jesus and Mary making monkey love could help one iota with building such things?  Only if Jesus talked about flying buttresses in detail as his way of “pillow talk”.  But the Emerald Tablet, that’s the sort of knowledge that could be written upon it.

Okay with me so far?  That Hermes guy, the thri king, or thri wise, or writer of a crapload of knowledge, he writes the most important things down and a lot of different religions, wise men, anyone with any level of power whatsoever looks for this thing for centuries.  It is discovered, lost, translated, and lost again.  Then around the time of the first crusades the Knights Templar, or someone European gets a hold of it.  And then suddenly Europe is awash in the light of enlightenment and scientific discovery and reasoning.  Basically everything that Hermes Trismegistis was all about.

You still saying coincidence?

Okay then if all of this is a coincidence then what about the avatar of all things Hermes the king of three in Europe during this time?  I am talking about the Count Saint Germaine.

Who was this guy?  Well as far as conspiracies goes he was a lot of guys.  There are lots of men in European history that would claim to be Saint Germaine, and then suddenly leave town, or disappear in a cloud of smoke.  There has been several claims that he was Francis Bacon.

Francis Bacon?  Good question.

Francis Bacon was this guy.  He had a particular scientific and analytical mind, so much so that his so called Baconian method was eventually just called the Scientific Method.  That’s pretty much how all scientist carefully analyze the results of their experiments seperating fact from fiction and speculation.  Pretty damned important in the scientific world if you didn’t know.  He also has a certain claim to the throne of England, but he had much more impressing matters at the time then claiming the crown.

Bacon wrote a book called New Atlantis, and it was his vision of the future.  In it he dreamed of a new land, somewhere west of Peru.  A land with greater rights for women, the abolishing of slavery, elimination of debtor’s prisons, separation of church and state, and freedom of religious and political expression.  He was also pretty involved with those new fangled colonies across the sea, a couple of places called the Carolinas and Virginia.

Sounds like this Bacon guy had a plan…

And then there is the Francis Bacon/William Shakespeare conspiracy…

William Shakespeare never owned a library of books.

Both parents could not read and write.

His own daughter was never taught to read and write.

He did not leave one book to one person in his will.

We know he was an actor of some sort, yet it is not recorded that he ever played any of the roles he is attributed with writing.

His heirs were not involved in the first printing of his work.

All known examples of William Shakespeare’s handwriting are pretty poor samples, and pretty obvious that he rarely wrote anything.

A lot of Shakespeares plays have carictures of people that Francis Bacon did not like, the plays make fun of people who resemble real people that Francis Bacon had issues with.

The over all message of most of the plays seem very Baconian.

Style and terminology of the writing is similar.  Look at Francis Bacon’s written words, and the words of Shakespeares plays and they are pretty close.

Plays of Shakespeare and the written works of Francis Bacon have the same mistakes, in particular being wrong about a quote by Aristotle.

Bacon was big into Aristotle…

If any man possessed the knowlege to write the plays of Shakespeare during the time of Shakespeare it would have been Francis Bacon.

Francis Bacon was a linguist and a composer?   Things you would need to wrote all those sonnets.

Lots of legal drama in the plays of Shakespeare.  Did I mention that Francis Bacon was heavily involved in the British judicial system?

Francis Bacon actually traveled to other countries, that William Shakespeare guy?  Not so much.  Easier to write about countries you have actually been to.

By the way there are a lot of people that think that Francis Bacon didn’t actually die.  He just had a mock funeral and then moved to Germany…So now we end up playing a medival version of that old six degrees of separation game.  You know the one the college kids played in the 90’s where any actor could be linked to a movie with Kevin Bacon in it?

But instead of that guy from Footloose, imagine going through the ages and coming across a mysterious guy that helped the world get closer to the future.  And each time that he gains any modicum of public attention he quickly disappears.  You can call him Francis Bacon, Count St. Germaine, or whatever else that you wish.  Same guy each time, or at least a guy that knows a lot of things that the original guy did.  Whoever this guy, or guys, or conspiracies of guys are, it seems pretty apparent that he knows exactly what was written of that Emerald Tablet.

Back again to that Emerald Tablet.

If there was ever a treasure that the treasure hunters of the world would look for then that would be it.  Indiana Jones needs to get off his lazy ass and find the damned thing before someone has him searching for the skull of Nostrodamus or something even more pathetic.

And then there is that book I read years ago.  Some random book my older brother bought one time, although I doubt he ever read it.  It was about the supposed secret teachings of some guy I had never heard of called Saint Germaine.  In that book the author suggested that a man could concentrate his will and focus and actually create a three dimensional object out of thin air with their mind.  Pretty interesting I know, and the even stranger thing was that the author was also firmly convinced that the color of this mentally created solid object would be…

Yep you guessed it, as green as Kermit’s ass.

Maybe that is the true secret of Hermes Trismegistus and his Emerald Tablet.  Maybe it is not hidden in some catacomb or hidden Nazi vault.  Maybe the Emerald Tablet and its knowledge is within us all.  Maybe that was a key and all we have to do is will the tablet into being, focus our faith and imagination until they become solid and we can read the sacred writing upon it.

But a word to the wise.  Many stories and images of green stones and their power.

Kryptonite strips the Seigel and Shuster Superman of all his godly powers.

The Loc-Nar brings power, but always with corruption.

The Illearth Stone and its fragments were powerful enough to corrupt the incorruptible Giants.

And very few rings of power supass the power of the rings forged by the green flames of Oa.

Neil Gaiman wrote a long running comic book series called Sandman.  In the beginning issues the reader was told that Morpheus of the Endless, the king of all dreams has fashioned gems to hold a portion of his power.  The Justice League villian Doctor Destiny held the red gem with the greatest portion of his power.  But in the end when fate turned against him Morpheus was forced to seek an heir.  Luckily there was a young human named Daniel that had been born in the dreaming, a rare thing indeed.  And in the end it was the green gem of Morpheus that transferred the power of the Sandman into that mortal boy.

Who do I think killed Kennedy?

The woman with the green eyes…


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