You know the sad thing is that those that have wealth and power, if they feel righteous enough have absolutely no problem shoving the little guy unceremoniously on their rear ends.  Even if the little guy in reality really didn’t do anything wrong, they just end up being just another nameless casualty.

But me personally, I love the little guy that defiantly tries not to be shoved by those that society has deemed so much above the rest of us.  In my mind we are all equal when it comes to the most basic modicum of respect.  And because of that I tend to pay a little more attention to that type of individual than most in America probably would.  You know since there is such a rampant over glorification of the wealthy, the famous, and even the semi-popular.

So let me ask this question.  Specifically to Oprah Winfrey.

What about Nomvuvo Mzamane?

In today’s news there was a story about the complete acquittal of Tiny Virginia Makopo.   Tiny had been charged with at least 14 counts of indecent assault, assault, and criminal injury.  The allegations were that she improperly touched several teenage girls while she was a matron of a girls school in South Africa.

And really the only reason that most American would even bat an eye one way or another about this case, or that the American news media would even cover this story was the fact that the girls school where Makopo worked at was the school there that Oprah Winfrey had played a major hand in financing.

Was acquitted of all charges.

And not surprisingly the American news media is up in arms offering the highest level of sympathy to…

Well, Oprah Winfrey of course.

Poor Oprah Winfrey, look at how much she’s had to suffer.

Screw the girls that may have been molested.  Honestly they don’t matter a hill of beans, certainly not enough for news reporters to be sympathetic to their plight.

And especially screw Tiny Virginia Makopo, after all even though a court of law fully acquitted her of all charges, obviously something is rotten in the state of South Africa.  Because Oprah Winfrey thought she was guilty, and everyone knows that if Oprah Winfrey thinks your guilty that bears much more weight than any tiny little judicial system in an African country.

If Oprah Winfrey thinks you’re guilty, you might as well be stamped with the Mark of Cain.

And you see that’s exactly what brings me to Nomvuvo Mzamane.  Whatever you think about the guilt or innocent of Tiny Virginia Makopo.  There isn’t any doubt that Nomvuvo Mzamane never molested a single solitary one of those girls.

Not surprising you probably don’t even know who Nomvuvo Mzmane is, or how they ended up being condemned and judged guilty by one of the most powerful women in the world.

Nomvuvo Mzamane was the former headmistress at the same girl’s school.  You see when this scandal first broke out on the airwaves.  One of the things that Oprah made a serious point of doing was to suggest that Nomvuvo Mzamane the headmistress, had known about the alleged abuse and made effort to cover it up.

In fact it is public record that Oprah stated “I thought she cared about the girls of South Africa.” talking about Nomvuvo Mzamane.

And not surprisingly Nomvuvo Mzamane found it pretty damned difficult to find a new job anywhere.  Well, because according to Oprah Winfrey, she wasn’t the sort of headmistress that anyone anywhere would want working for them.  And since we are living in the information age, all any possible future employer had to do was Google Mzamane’s name and get multiple pages of Oprah Winfrey clearly and plainly stating that she was the last person that any responsible human being would want to hire.

And whatever you think of this story understand that Nomvuvo Mzamane was never charged with a crime.  Oprah Winfrey thought she might be guilty, and so whether average and normal Nomvuvo Mzmane was guilty or not, she quickly fell victim to the awesome might which is Oprah.

And today Tiny Virginia Makopo was completely acquitted of all charges.

Personally I feel sorry for those schoolgirls, because either they really were molested by this woman, or they were swept in an manipulated by external forces much greater than their own honesty and wrongfully accused an innocent woman.

But really the one single person in this whole messy affair that I think deserves a sympathetic ear is Nomvuvo Mzamane.  And the thing is that Mzamane deserves at least a bit of healthy respect, because when faced with the prospect that Oprah had ruined their reputation whether intentionally or unintentionally, they valiantly tried to play Don Quixote and charge headlong against the mightiest of windmills.

Nomovuvo tried to file a lawsuit against Oprah and her talk show in an effort to see some sort of monetary balancing for all that Oprah Winfrey and her show had taken away from them, you know when they were saying that Nomvuvo’s real name was mud.

But of course Oprah Winfrey is just too damned massive of an entity, especially in the United States legal system.  Winfrey’s  incredibly mighty and efficient legal team filed a motion for the lawsuit to be shelved on November 27, 2008, claiming that neither Winfrey or her company had made any statements that could be called libelous.

Libel: Defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than spoken words or gestures.

Defamation: False or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another.

So perfectly understandable that the court would side with Orpah and her legal team.  I mean it wasn’t like any human being on the planet could put Nomvuvo Mzamane’s name into any internet search engine and get multiple very printable copies of Oprah Winfrey saying stuff like:

I thought she cared about the girls of South Africa.”


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