Wanted Dead or Alive

Lizard Man from Mars.


Doing What Lizard Men

are Prone to do…

If you didn’t know there is a fringe group of human beings out there that believe that there’s a secret group of shapeshifting aliens lizard men that have been responsible for all the bad things that have continually been inflicted on humanity over the ages.

Except maybe the movie Zoolander.

Nope, this was all Ben Stiller...

But besides that one thing every other bad thing, every other tragic event or bad turn that the human race has taken since we first clawed and climbed to the top of the food chain with our predominantly larger brains which primarily resulted from our ancestor’s  serious love of the easily accessible protein found in the cooked meat of our animal brothers, can be blamed on the conspiracy theorist equivalent of Lizard Men from Mars.

Although it made your ancestor's brains bigger and more intelligent, I'm much cuter than a bowl of Hasenpfeffer.

Now there’s really very little difference between this type of conspiracy theory and any other that tries to designate some of us as bad eggs and the rest of us as being duped into a lifetime of mediocrity and forced by them to continually endure various adversities.

We are all human beings, and as such we are all somewhat selfish creatures of comfort.   But generally the majority of us would never intentionally be malicious towards anyone else, unless we absolutely had no choice.

And that’s the part about this ridiculous Lizard Men of Mars conspiracy nonsense that’s immediately repugnant to me.   It is the sort of complete hooey that can quickly have the average unsuspecting person saying stuff like “I would never hurt, injure, or kill another living person, except those damned [Insert different looking, sounding, or thinking person of your choice.] because those type of people are just plain rotten, if you could even call them people.”

Hatred is not a good thing, and completely unjustifiable hatred based upon this deluded self-righteousness has seldom produced any long term beneficial effects on any society.

…And if there was ever a completely ridiculous and unjustifiable hatred perpetuated by a conspiracy theory, it would have to be this inane Lizard Men from Mars stuff.  I’m sorry but even if I changed the name of snake oil into something much more appealing sounding like Bottled Victory [trademark pending], it’s still the exact same snake oil, just with a quick name change and probably a much fancier bottle.

And in case you were wondering this:

<– Not a sign of a person’s allegiance

to Satan, pure evil, or the Lizard

Men of Mars.

It just either means that a person’s hand just happened to be in that position at the time that the picture was taken, or that they are feeling the serious need to Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Dick Cheney in a Rock 'n' Roll state of mind. Not a willing servant of Satan state of mind...

And it isn’t just people with their hand’s in awkward positions that get thrown under the bus of hatred spawned by intentionally invoked ignorance.  Now it seems that a clip from Disney’s Fantasia is being used to allege that there was some sort of nefarious connection to the dreaded Lizard Men of Mars.

Here’s the clip that they offer up as documented proof.

But sadly the clip they use has had Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky replaced by some guy with a raspy voice as if he was a Lizard Man from Mars or something, explaining in detail what the true agenda of that nefarious and completely non-existent organization was.

The problem with this argument is that although Fantasia is a pretty stunning movie visually, especially considering that it was made during the 1940’s, it wasn’t made as some sort of secret training video for the Lizard Men of Mars and their associates to watch.

And sadly the clip is just an example of something taken completely out of context, like saying that  the Pink Elephants on Parade part in Dumbo was documented fact that Walt Disney or his company had a secretive agenda against the consumption of any alcoholic beverages.


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