The Surgeon General recommends at least two full minutes of hate directed at this man every day.

Tonight is May 1st, 2011 and the President of the United States just addressed the American people to tell them that the notorious scoundrel Emmanuel Goldstein was killed by a valorous team of Navy Seals.  Not only that, but the kill has been confirmed via DNA testing that prove without a shadow of a doubt that it is indeed Emmanuel Goldstein.

Goldstein, the proverbial American bogeyman, the bad guy, the guy with so much innocent American blood on his hands.

Justly killed.

A true villain.

And thing is that Goldstein wasn’t just an enemy of America, he was more than that, he was a symbol of everything in the world that’s Anti-American.  He was a symbol of why American and all Americans have to always be on constant guard.  Why all Americans must continually understand that there are others out there that continually strive to not only destroy each and every one of us, but also to destroy every single aspect of what it means to be an American.

Not just a villain, but the ultimate of villains.

When all Americans had their rights severely limited, it was a rightfully justified tactic brought to bear primarily against Goldstein.  When a previous President stated that torture was completely justifiable, he was saying it was completely justifiable if it limited the damage that Goldstein could inflict on innocent Americans, or somehow lead to the capture or killing of Goldstein.

When the United States defense budget was continually and exponentially raised, it was because we had no choice, we were up against the ultimate unyielding and uncompromising enemy Goldstein.

When billions of dollars were spent on Homeland Security, surveillance, and domestic and international intelligence it was all justified by the fact that somewhere out there the great enemy Goldstein was plotting and maneuvering his insurgents towards a similar heinous act like the one that happened in New York City in September all those years ago.

All these actions were done in the name of combating Goldstein and his minions.

And now Goldstein is dead.

So now we celebrate.  Now the mission is truly accomplished.

But sadly I am reminded of a particular quote by a certain eloquent British Prime Minister:

“Now this is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill.

The reality of it is that it would be foolish for any American to think that any single aspect of any part of any single thing that was ever implemented by the United States government to directly or indirectly combat the most evil of villainies of the man named Goldstein will be dismantled, diminished, or even limited by something so relatively inconsequential as Goldstein’s death.

Goldstein doesn’t exist, he never did, he’s just a mantle that is thrust on certain individuals as an adequate tool of justification.

More than just an enemy, but a symbolically tangible enemy, an easily identifiable face for all of us to focus on for our scheduled two minutes of hate.

Since the day that our great country was founded we have always had our enemies, but with Goldstein it was an enemy personally personified.  An actual living and breathing human being.  Much more tangible than another government, or political or religious movement.

But now that Goldstein had finally been tracked down and killed by heroic American forces, the question is, can American as it is now do without Goldstein?  Has Goldstein become such an integral part of the constant justification of so many inhumane, unconscionable, and morally ambiguous things that from now on the United States has to have a Emmanuel Goldstein?

Probably, as sadly the great beast that we created to combat Goldstein constantly requires the tangibility of a very real Goldstein.

So Goldstein is dead, and tomorrow the search will begin for another Goldstein…


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