Room 101 Part Two:

Excerpt from a blog written April 17th, 2009:

If you have read the earlier blog that I posted titled Room 101, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Therefore I will cut to the chase and let you know about a particular Room 101. This Room 101 was set up by the United States Government during the George W. Bush Administration.

I hope that doesn’t shock you. Governments have been setting up Room 101’s since the dawn of man. That’s the way the world works, its always been the way the world works, but it is certainly not right.

A series of top secret memos have been released to the public. These memos are about the methods of interrogation and torture that was authorized for use on any detainee in the prison in our facility in Cuba. If the United States government suspected that you had ties with Al-Qaeida, you were put on their list of people to be taken into Room 101.

And what were the particular methods that were used in this particular Room 101?

Here are the list of the ten ways that the American Government came up with to break this man, and hopefully get some shred of information out of him that might be helpful in getting other Al-Qieada fugitives into their own Room 101.

A lot of it focused on getting Osama Bin Laden.

The techniques used were: 1. Attention Grasp. 2. Walling. 3. Facial Hold. 4. Facial Slap (insult slap). 5. Cramped Confinement. 6. Wall Standing. 7. Stress Positions. 8. Sleep Deprivation. 9. Insects placed in a confinement box with the detainee. 10. And the Waterboard.

Most of these things are self-explanatory, and when in doubt, you can always Google.  These techniques were to be used as needed.  This means that if those in charge of the interrogation decided that a detainee had to go through the gauntlet of each of these techniques repeatedly, again and again.

There was some worry that if certain techniques were used too much that they would lose their effectiveness. Not much use in torturing someone if they get used to it.  So there was a little restraint showed when it came to depriving a detainee of sleep.  So they usually kept the sleep deprivation down to a maximum of elven straight days.

But the one I want you to take special interest in is technique number 9.  This particular technique because one detainee was known to have a fear of insects. And so deciding that it was time for technique number 9, they decided to put the detainee was put in a confined box.  He was then told that they were going to put a stinging insect into the box with him.

What he wasn’t told was that the insect they actually put in the confined box with him was a harmless caterpillar.

So not exactly what had been done to Winston in the book 1984.

One last thing. Those memos that go into details about the interrogation/torture techniques that the United States Government used on Al-Qaeda and those suspected of being Al-Qaeda. Those memos that anyone can read and know exactly how to raise their level of torturing to a much higher level then it ever was before. Those memos are now on the internet, where anyone can read them.

Including Al-Qaeda.   Including anyone good or potentially bad that has an internet connection.


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