The thing I don’t like about Michelle Bachman is her low regard for the learning of history.  It isn’t just  the parts of history that the conservative indoctrination process has forever skewed in her mind.  It also random bit of information that speaks volumes about her disregard for learning historical facts.

Personally I think that every politician should not only be knowledgeable about history, but should also be a lover of the learning of our nation’s history.  As a democracy we need politicians who love our country enough to understand that there is more to us than just present tense or the potential of the future.  There is a grand history to this nation, one that is worthy of country called the United States.

No man is an island, and humanity is a continual group effort.  The Founding Fathers knew that the Ancient wisdom of the ages were things that could be used in the creation of our government.  As they served as inspiration for latter generations of America.

It is sad enough that the wisdom of the world doesn’t seemed respected  anywhere near as it should in it be by most Americans, and certainly not as much as Founding Fathers did.  But you can still be a focused patriot and still reap the awards of our country’s great history.

Solutions to problems come from many different areas, and one of the largest reservoirs that can be tapped to achieve such answers is by evaluating things that have been done before in effort to solve similar problem.

Yesterday August 16, 2011 Michelle Bachman was campaigning in Spartanburg, South Carolina and asked that every send a big happy birthday shout out to Elvis Presley.  Saying “You can’t do better than Elvis Presley and we thought we would celebrate his birthday as we get started celebrating taking our country back to work.”

The only problem is that August 16th isn’t Elvis’ birthday.  It’s the day he died.

Here decades earlier, Elvis expresses outrage at Michelle Bachman's disregard for American History.

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background: ‘#FB0000’


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