Lions, tigers, and Communists! Oh my!

Lions, tigers, and Communists! Oh my!

Sadly you think that us as Americans would have at least half the backbone of most Chinese in today’s world, as they are certainly not exclaiming:

Lions, tigers, and Capitalists! Oh my!

As over the past decade they have actively pursued adopting and adding certain parts of Capitalism to their own governmental system, altering the way they govern their economic influenced policies to a combination of the two.  And that has changed the course of world economics where that country is now the fastest growing economy in the world, and now economically China is only behind us, the United States.  And yet here we are, probably no greater solid proof that economically in today’s world that economically substantial results can be achieved by applying certain parts of both economic systems that have consistently been proving to work, and yet fear itself keeps us from utilizing that obviously clear strategic advantage.  And even sadder is that it isn’t even a fear based in reality. Just a sad fear that young little children might have.

Lions, tigers, and Communists! Oh my!

It wasn’t the Communism that Karl Marx believed in that was taken verbatim with no alterations that made China and the Soviet Union our enemies, it was the fact that they were totalitarian dictatorships.  But it was possible that these countries could develop those type of Karl Marx-like Communistic governments because they were far closer to it before they became those “Great American Enemies” governments than America had ever been.The Russian people had been ruthlessly controlled by the Czars.

The Chinese people have been ruthlessly controlled by the Chinese government/British Empire.  But that’s not the case with America.   And that is certainly not the case with the average  American.  And in case you didn’t know America is about as Capitalistic of a country as it can get in the modern day world of global economics naturally without any amount of effort.

It takes no fanatical or dogmatic effort on the part of our country to not be 100% Communistic. We are intrinsically Capitalistic. And not only would it be an outrageous 180 degree about-face for us to become such a thing.   It would take decades of rigid totalitarian re-education of all our citizens for several generations.   And again although China and the Soviet made effort to re-educate of their citizens to eventually get to that point, both of them never did.   As one no longer exists.   While the other has realized that being fanatical or dogmatic in their opposition to Capitalism (Or at least parts of it) is a foolish and potentially harmful to their economy.

So rigidly make your stand against all things Socialistic or Communistic, making even the smallest seed of these systems a bitter poison that will completely and utterly destroy all avenues of America if we are so foolish enough to take it into ourselves.   But remember that it is you and your fear that turned it into such an entity.   Steadfastly believing in:

Lions, tigers, and Communists! Oh my!

But you would do well to watch that classic movie where those characters were deep in the dark dangerous forest and made similar exclamations.   And you would see that once they overcame their fears the lion turned out to be more cowardly than the smallest of dogs, and eventually became a great ally.   So who knows, maybe the same thing is possible with Tigers and Communists. 😉

I guess so fake Lee Iacocca guy, yet somehow when you call it "Free Energy", it doesn't seem so intimidating.


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