The Current State of the World Economy and Things to Come.

Everyone, especially the politicians who keep on telling us the American people that we are to blame for the failing economy and that the trouble is that government is too big and spends too much on it’s citizens. The National Debt has reached such an immense out of control size that we have no choice, every single American that is not in the upper 1% is going to have to suffer either directly or indirectly.

So go ahead, ally yourself with that 1%. After all they are economic geniuses and job creators. But they are not the only economic geniuses out there, there are men and women that have went to school for years to perfect their knowledge of economics into a profession. Just like you they are professionals and what they know is economics and economies. And they are all in agreement that the thing that led to the world wide financial disaster a few years back was clearly the unregulated derivatives market.

But the government and lot of people keep focusing your attention on the National Debt, because you are going to have suffer and they have to get you to accept it.

There’s was a moment in most American’s lives that were living in 1968 where whatever their political affiliations, whatever their social class, or racial demographic none of it mattered.  It was a day that the Great America pride took a blow that it had never expected.

And whatever you think about Ronald Reagan, whether you think that he was a great man who did great things for America, or sadly aging and befuddled actor whose comprehension on the majority of the dilemmas facing our nation at the time was based upon detailed instructional films that the CIA had made for him.  There’s little doubt that without Reagan playing the role that he did, reassuring all of us that the incredible punch in the gut that Walter Cronkite delivered all those years ago could never happen again, we as a nation probably wouldn’t be half as confident about a lot of things that we are now.

Say what you will about Reagan, the man restored our sense of pride.

Now it is November 18th, 2011

Today I came across a series of articles that spell out a possible impending situation that is so catastrophic that I feel compelled to put all the pieces together in a comprehensive and coherent that is more easily digestible.

But you may ask yourself what exactly a derivative is.

Did I mention that the $75 Trillion are European derivatives?

Combined global inventories of corn and wheat may drop to 292.2 million tons at the end of this season, the lowest in five years, according to the USDA. World feed demand for the two grains, while down 1.9 percent from last year, will still be the second-highest on record at 639.5 million tons. “For the next six to nine months it’s very difficult to understand how there’ll be enough feed,” Dan Basse said. “There’s really not a lot of other options available to the EU in terms of feed supplies, outside of feed wheat, of which there’s very little in the world.”  Dan Basse, president of AgResource Co., a research company in Chicago.   December 4, 2012



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