Today for the featured talent I would like to focus on an individual who like myself as honed her abilities as a writer who is capable of tackling a large variety of different types of projects, formats, and mediums. And she is the type of writer and artist that continually raises the bar in what they have and will accomplish simply by the fact that she is always open to exploring new avenues. Always striving for a level of excellence and quality no matter what the project or her personal involvement.

Whether it is fiction, comic books, articles, reviews, essays, non-fiction, memoirs, film scripts within the companies that she owns, or working with other writers on character development and continuity with other storytellers her passionate and commitment to the art of writing it say the least simply inspiring. And I hope by presenting just a small window into her world and what she has accomplished that you too will be inspired.

Tell me a little about yourself, who you are and where you came from.

My name is Jayme Roxann Wright and I am a southern belle originally. I am a writer of fiction but I am also a mother of a 7 year old actress, a professional belly dancer, dog lover, and am currently pursuing a masters/Phd in Forensic Psychology. I am a nerd, consider myself an intellect, a person with an unnatural obsession with words and manners.

When did you first start developing a passion for writing?

I wrote my very first story with illustrations at age 8. It was titled, “Wacky Wilma Witch”. I also won a citywide poetry contest at that time. I dabbled here and there during schooling but began writing heavily again when I was 16. I was published in a Literary Annual during high school for a poem called “Freedom to be Me”. However, I never let anyone read my prose until I was in my mid twenties.

How did you first start writing professionally?

Always academically inclined, I started writing articles for pay while I was pregnant with my daughter. My fiction was always something that I developed on my own time. I began putting snippets of prose on MySpace and then later Facebook which began to get some attention. I had begun to meet many people in the comic book industry and being a life long lover of comics I started to pursue bringing some closeted stories out to breathe. I started developing content for several websites, writing reviews, etc. It was then that I was asked to write a pilot for a television series that was to be set in front of a network. After that, I was challenged to write a short story in two weeks in 2008 and I just self published that story this year.

When was the point where you decided to branch out and tackle other types of writing?

I am never one to box myself into a certain genre or style. This actually hurts me because it is hard to market someone who can write anything. However, my specialty is character development. After speaking with many writers, my process is opposite what many do. Most people start with a plot idea and then the characters begin to develop. I personally feel this is where the holes come in writing to begin with. I actually start with a character. I obsess over them, I attach quirks and idiosyncracies to them and then walk with them. Inevitably a story begins to unfold because of how this character reacts to the world. This is how I write.

What advice would you give to any aspiring writers out there that might be reading this?

Nothing offends me more than people who call themselves writers but don’t pay homage to the craft. Writing is not something that you just decide to do. It is something within you that compels you to write, it is an unquenchable thirst to find your voice and tell a story. Everybody has ideas that would make a great story, and there is a story inside of all of us. However, you don’t just sit down to an easel and expect to paint something masterful. It is the same with writing. You can’t read a script book and say,” OH! I know how to write now!” So my advice is to study those who came before, great writers read. Read. Read. Writers love words. Have a love affair with words, phrases, idioms! Most of all never dumb down your writing, aspire to be a wordsmith. But most of all WRITE EVERYDAY.

Besides the writing end, what personal artistic endeavor are you the most proud of?

Well as I feel I am still in the beginning, I feel that to say there is one thing that I am more proud of than other is difficult. I am proud of my short film, I am proud of the feature film that is in development, I am proud of the novella that I self published. I will be proud of the short film that I have written and produced that will be filming this month, I am proud of the comic book that comes out at the end of the year, and the book I am co-writing with another comic book creator. I am also VERY proud of the two feature film scripts that I am currently working on- one set in the Middle East and the other adapted from a book set in Bronze Age Denmark.

What are some of the various writing and non-writing various projects you have worked on over the years?

I do alot of consulting work so I love when projects that I have helped on come to fruition. Most of my non writing time is collegiate, then my daughter’s acting career is gaining momentum, she was just on Two and a Half Men, and I really love the development side of filmmaking. My company RED TOWER ENTERTAINMENT is currently developing a major international project.

Which project would you say was your proudest achievement so far?

That is a tough question because I tend to feel that you are only as good as the last thing you have done. Meaning that I don’t look at things as achievements, I feel like everything I do is one more stepping stone towards an infinite goal. When you define success, it’s like putting a limit on your capabilities and what happens when you get there? Do you just stop? So for me being able to write, to have people recognize that I have talent, and to be able to KEEP writing… that is an achievement.

And finally since the 2012 Academy Awards are airing this coming Sunday I thought I would toss in a question about the Oscars since you are involved in writing for film, so what do you think about Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo being nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay?

HA. Hmmm. Ahem. I am all for girl power. So I am excited to see female writers getting a huge nod for Original Screenplay. However, it does disappoint me that it was for such inconsequential low brow humor. I was not a fan of the movie myself, but I did see moments of clever character development in the role that Melissa McCarthy portrayed.

I would have to agree completely with your assessment Roxann, although it was great that a female team of writers was nominated this year I would have preferred it to have been for a movie that had more depth and was a little less low brow.  

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