The Legendary Golden Apples of Myth. Not just one myth from one region of the world, but multiple myths and stories from all over the world. All bound by its unique symbolism and image. Time and time again it has been a symbol rebirth, resurrection, and sometimes even shown to be the essential fruit of chaos itself packed full of endless potential.


Things start off about as mundane as it gets in an average American strip mall in an urban area. Just a normal completely average day with Matt working behind the counter at GeekTech wondering his buddy John will show up so he can finally go home. Almost on cue his co-worker comes rushing through the door and starts searching around for his spare keys. A little confused Matt looks over at his friend and lets him know that he’s late, but to his surprise his friend completely blows it off and tells Matt he just came by to pick up his spare keys, and he’ll have to pull a double shift.

Matt isn’t too pleased about having to work a double shift, and he’s also partially worried about his friend possibly being terminated for deciding not to work his scheduled shift. He reminds his friend that overall working for GeekTech is a pretty cushy job, and opportunities like working there just don’t come around everyday. To his surprise his friend’s reaction is about as flippant as it gets. Instead John finds his keys and abruptly heads for the door. Wondering what the heck is going on, Matt stops his friend and talks him into taking the time to explain what the heck happened.

Turns out that on his way to work that day John was stuck at a red light in the middle of a traffic jam, and mysterious stranger used the opportunity to jump into his car. The man quickly pointed out several intimidating appearing men out to him who were obviously looking for someone and convinced him leave the area as immediately as possible.

Later the man tries to make some sort of trade with John in return for his continuing to help the man evade whoever it is that is pursuing him. He proceeds to offer the GeekTech employee a plethora of seemingly more and more over the top and completely insane things, all of which are completely unbelievable. John lives in the real world where such offers are at best simply examples of the ludicrous, but intrigued as to what exactly is in the box the man has been holding clutched so protectively he simply asks the man what the contents of the box are.

To which the man replies smiling in an all-to-knowing manner, “Inside this box my friend are three of the Fabled Apples of Idunn.”







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