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1. The Roman god of Peace.

2. Latin word meaning peace.


Taken from the latin word templārius, which means of the temple. And has taken to mean of the Temple of Solomon.

Pax Templars was America’s premiere superhero team originally founded by the Extremist and Omega Man.

The Extremist publicly was a mercenary/bounty hunter who specialized in taking down various super powered threats using his ability to analyze a person’s weakness to its best advantage. Very quickly he had earned the reputation of being an unequaled strategist.

By the mid 90’s, he realized that he needed to work towards organizing the heroes. Although he operated primarily on the West Coast he sought out other heroes to assist in his ambitious plan. The first hero he contacted outside his usual sphere of influence was the hero Omega Man.

Extremist made Omega Man an offer, a partnership, the two of them would pool their resources to help, aid, and organize the super heroes of America.

The two of them went around and gave out specialized communicators to anyone that would take them. By this simple maneuver they established a connection with a wide range of heroes. Heroes that could be used in a rotating membership, for specific missions.

Then one day the then President requested that the two main leaders of the team agree to assist the United States military in its invasion of another country.   But Omega Man argued that Pax Templars were superheroes and not soldiers  refusing to comply with the President’s request.

In retaliation for the team’s refusal the President went on national television an gave lengthy speech about possible enemies and dangers that already existed on American soil, and asked that any American who had the capability for mass destruction would have to register, and reveal their true identity to government authorities. So that they could be properly alerted to their current locations at all times.

The other leader of the Pax Templars, The Extremist saw this as a veiled attack against the team on the President’s part. As they quickly discovered the administration had a fairly loose definition of who was actually capable of mass destruction.  Soon Extremeist started planning to use his considerable wealth and influence to start causing various problems for the administration in retaliation.

But when Omega Man found out what the Extremist was planning, not only did he not want any part of it, but confronted his teammate and persuaded him that escalation was not the answer. But if the answer was not to fight this new registration policy, then what would the team’s overall decision be in regarding to it, the Extremist asked.

“Then we will all go away…” Omega Man replied.

And that’s exactly what happened, and the vast majority of Pax Templar members stopped operating as superheroes.  At least publicly, there were still some that saved innocents and stopped criminal acts, but they made effort to keep a very subtle approach to everything they did. And the Extremist concerned himself and his own personal strikeforce with the capturing and imprisonment of the majority of villains that Pax Templars had previously fought before this point.

Now years have passed, and the country has forgotten what it was like when costumed heroes publicly walked amongst them, instead of carefully keeping to the shadows.

But someone is out there, someone who has a very personal vendetta against the original founding members, and demands retribution.


Omega-Man is the powerhouse of the group. He can fly at supersonic speeds quick, is amazingly strong, and his body and all internal organs are essentially steel hard. He is a being composed of pure energy. His agility is the highest humanely possible, and can perform all physical actions at extreme hyper-velocity almost on par with the world’s leading superspeedsters . He does need to breath, but his body processes are so efficient that he can go days between breaths. He also has an internal edge that allows him to dramatically increase any one of his super human abilities at a time, and when he does his eyes give of a eerie red glow. When he uses this edge he can temporarily surpass what physical limits that he does have in regards to physical strength, invulnerability, speed, and endurance .

Omega-Man is a doctor and he has a strict code against killing. He will kill if there is absolutely no alternative, but he is loathe to do so. He always looks for another way, and he is in the hero business to save as many lives as possible. Omega-Man is the hero other heroes admire and look up to. He is compassionate, and highly intelligent. Besides the Extremist he is looked upon to lead the heroes in most situations, and if most had a choice they would rather follow him then the Extremist, who tends to be far more pragmatic.

In his other identity Omega-Man is Dr. Richard Korvac, and is one of the most renown doctors and inventor of medical technology in the world. Only the original heroes that started out in Memphis Tennessee know his secret identity, but most heroes have met Richard Korvac at least once because he is one of the world’s best experts on super human physiology. In his Korvac identity he tends to play up his celebrity doctor ego and tends to be more abrasive and condescending around others.


Velocity wears a streamlined suit with special shoes designed by Omega-Man to withstand the friction. He is muscular, but it is the build of a runner, and not a bodybuilder. Velocity also wears gloves that fit over his wrists completely covering his arms. He has also developed aerodynamic helmet that that infrared capabilities. Originally a scientist, he has always enjoyed his role as a super hero, and has a lot of pride at the fact that because of the extreme levels of his superhuman speed he is considered one of the big guns of the super hero world.



Heavy Metal

heavymetal_pax_templar_ad_cHeavy Metal is 6’4” and very muscular, even more muscular then Omega-Man. Heavy Metal has blonde hair, with tight white paints, and a black T-shirt. He looks like a surfer, and wears his hair appropriately. His skin also has a blue white metallic glint to it. His body is almost completely indestructible. There has been very few times in his career that he has ever been injured. His internal organs have a density much higher then a normal human. In fact he is so dense physically he weighs close ton. He has superhuman strength, slightly more the Tin Man’s. He can also generate a explosion around his body, but he does not use that ability much, because of its destructive capabilities, and the fact that Omega-Man and Speed Demon were able to prove that the explosions released harmful particles in the air, particles which could potentially have long term detrimental effects to the environment and the people around him.



Tin Man


tin-mancolortextTin Man used to be a private detective who was involved in a case with Dr. Richard Korvac involving International Corporate Espionage when the both of them were caught in a deadly explosion set by the spies.  Attempting to shield the good doctor as best he could, the man who would become Tin Man caught the brunt of the explosion, and so it left him so severely injured it necessitated the transference of his brain to a special medical device Dr. Korvac had invented.  A device which eventually with heavy modifications became the robotic body he now utilizes as a hero. The robotic body is made of dark gray metal and stands 6’7” and has glowing red electronic sensors for eyes. His robotic body was built more for structure and form and not for style. He can project blasts of energy from his hands. He also enjoys the benefits of having a robotic body, super human strength, heightened resistance to damage, limited rocket fuel  based flight.




Radiance-rebuild-colorRadiance is a young woman Age 22-23 with a slender build and is a little over 6’ tall. S She wears a skin tight golden costume with gloves and boots with straps. She does not wear a mask. Radiance has limited control over light and can use it to blind or to fire pulses of light to injure her foes.  She can also fly while in human form, but limited to speeds  several times the speed of sound. As a result of an attempt on her life in recent months she has gained the ability to convert her body into solid light, and when she does she can also fly at incredible speeds, even outdistancing Omega-Man. As a being composed of energy she is not physically solid and most physical attacks go right through her. Her energy form is hot to the touch, and she can burn through steel in seconds if she chooses to.




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