They are the ones charged with dealing with all that is strange in the world. It all starts when the mysterious owner of a traveling carnival known only as the General began searching the world slowly assembling unique and unusual individuals from around the globe. The General had used his knowledge of the arcane sciences to prolong his life for hundred of years. He had crafted a an arcane ritual that only be cast every 75 years and required five specially prepared human sacrifices with certain necessary attributes and qualities that were needed for the spell.

Hobbes-Human-Cannibal-coverFirst was Hobbs, a demonic, vengeful spirit who had walked the earth since ancient times. The human bodies he inhabits are all killers, abusers, all somehow destined for hell. Although of demonic lineage, he fights those that his father helps. The longer his spirit resides inside a mortal human’s body, the more it will resemble his true form over time. Hobbes has a host of demonic abilities. One he can instantly comprehend any language, and this ability can even be used for limited communication with animals. He also has an innate immunity to magic, and his mind is unreadable by the most powerful of mind readers. Hobbes also has the ability to “set” himself to the ground mystically in such a way where he effectively becomes and immovable object.



sideshow-cover-featuring-AsThen was the key to the ritual, a dreamer. A dreamer is a human being who can manipulate the essence of dreams and use them to shape the reality of the world around them. Usually their ability to manipulate the dream essence is severely limited, but the ritual the General was performing would allow the dreamer to open a door directly to the subconscious realms, enhancing the dreamer’s power tenfold!
The General found a young man who had no recorded name. He had spent the majority of his life in various sanitariums and mental hospitals. The young man also suffered from a rare form or autism, which kept him from communicating with others. Even when conscious there were few words that he would speak. The General locked the young man in a specially prepared box and used his abilities to temporarily grant wishes for others.

Next was a teenage girl who had a very special gift. Even as a young child she was so intuitive about things, it was almost like she could read minds. The General would use her to link their essences together. But there was also something else that was special about her. Something the General and his minions did not know about. She had a little secret, a secret friend that only she could see.

The Seer


Jojo Cover Colors Low RezThen was the one who had to have some connection to the animal kingdom and primitive nature of man. The sideshow barker had given him the name Jo Jo the dog faced boy. Hair completely covering his body, he had spent most of his childhood as an attraction in the General’s freakshow.



Page-18-2014-letteredFinally the last of the group, a man of science would be the first to be sacrificed. When the door of imagination was opened, the energy that was released would then be filtered through the others and finally channeled to the dead body of the first sacrifice. The General picked his scientific lackey Dr. Riggs to fulfill this crucial role.


Working together combining their unique talents and abilities, this group of outcasts were able to find a way to turn the tables on the General’s diabolical plan. Resulting in the majority of the group being empowered by the dreamer’s enhanced abilities in some shape or manner. Now they work together to stop other diabolical threats to humanity.




Sideshow # 1 is now on sale published by Robb Entertainment Corporation/Robb Publishing (2014)!


Robb Published Sideshow Cover


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