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Comics Books and the horrible accident origin.

I am sure you have seen it a thousand times.  Some guy or gal is bitten by a radioactive hamster or bombarded with a mega-dose of cosmic radiation and instead of breaking out with a case of multiple tumors, they instead are transformed into a superhuman with powers beyond the average man.  Sometimes it is because of some unknown factor, and other times it is just because.

With the Burning Man comic book project I wanted to take a character, a completely average man who  is involved in a horrible accident which results in him developing superhuman powers.  Abilities which  by their very nature radically change his life.  In this guy’s case he is transformed into the Burning Man.

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That’s right.  The accident that transformed this man caused his entire body to burst into flames.  He is constantly on fire.  There is no turning it off, no matter what he does his body is always emitting these super hot flames.  Not only does he have to deal with all the various issues that constantly being on fire brings, but to make matters even worse he is also constantly emitting dangerous levels of radiation.

Just a regular Joe caught in an accident he didn’t ask for which radically changes the  life he didn’t want changed, and thrusts him into a strange new world.  A world filled with different factions and alliances of power, all of which either see him as a threat or a possible asset to be manipulated.

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