Originally the co-leader of Pax Templars, very little is known about him, but he has looked like he was in his late 30’s since he came out into the public eye in the mid-Eighties. While a member of Pax Templars he wore a high tech body armor, complete with a helmet. The man is a highly capable expert with most modern day technology.

He also has developed an uncanny skill and determining a opponents weakness. He uses this ability to give him an “edge” in combat. Opponents find it particularly hard to hit him in combat. Over the years he has used his knowledge of technology and his “edge” to become a serious power financially. He is also a collector of weapons. And his collection is one of the greatest in the world. At one time he was known to have at least three stealth bombers, but then again that was back in the early nineties. His collection of weapons is not limited to technological ones. He also collects weapons of a mystical nature. His fondness for collecting weapons is his only known weakness.

Now on his own and wanted by the authorities, he wages a one man war against the evil that plagues mankind.




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