A few months before the attack at Pearl Harbor, Jason Graves is living a life that most can only dream of.  After a string of successful films display his unique charm and amazing athletic abilities to movie audiences all over the world, Graves finds himself heralded as one of Hollywood’s leading action stars.  Yet while the world becomes enamored with the dashing hero he plays on the Silver Screen, the man is in real life soon develops a  notorious reputation for having a string of ever worsening bad habits.   He drinks, he’s a womanizer, stubborn as a mule, and is prone to getting into the occasional barroom brawl.




frame4Then one day the head at the studio he works for arranges for him to appear at his latest premiere dressed as the main protagonist of his latest movie,  the Rapier.   A movie where he plays a swashbuckling hero that wears a mask and sails the high seas.  But when Jason arrives at the premiere he quickly realizes that three very real criminals are attempting to rob the crowd . And Jason decides to swings into action in classic swashbuckling style and engages the three men.  To the surprise of everyone, including himself, he manages to defeat all three.  And the flashbulbs go off and the entire world awakens to the knowledge headlines proclaiming the Rapier to be the first costumed adventurer.
By the time Jason wakes up the next morning the exploits of the Rapier from the night before is in every paper in town.  And soon he learns that the studio head has decided to take advantage of all of the free publicity and make it look like Jason really is some sort of costumed adventurer.  So they set him up with a couple of fake appearances, and even let his chauffeur, take part in the charade.  But what none of them know is that Jason aka The Rapier, real or not, is about to stumble right into a very real nefarious villain’s evil plans.






[cincopa AELAMT7W4hW1]


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